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Good question -- I'm not familiar with this SPECIFIC engine's setup.

The other alternative is to remove the chain and, with plugs OUT (so there's no resistance against compression) SLOWLY work all the components to the correct TDC positions. It should be possible to do this without unbolting the camshafts; you can figure out where each piston is and whether it's rising or falling where the crank is right now with a rod down the plug hole (carefully!) and can see the cam position (and thus which valves are being opened at what time) with the valve cover off. Once you get everything to TDC you can then lock all components.

My concern with an engine that has run into any sort of "lock-up" situation like this is whether there has been valve train damage already done. If there has then the risk of a dropped valve down the road is very real and that event quite-reliably destroys engines when it happens.
So I have the timing chain off and trying to get top dead center but it only turns so far again about a half a turn.
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