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Well if you know so much then please input...

I did more than reading, I contacted the people at CP-E, and this is what he said... "Yes you could revert back to stock, only one wire is cut but we using connectors so that you can uninstall everything and the dealer will never know any changes have been made."

So after reading many threads about people saying you cannot revert back i was curious as to what he was talking about. So unless you know more than the guys from CP-E who make the intake or have some input that is actually worth something, I suggest you go back into your hole and be miserable.
First off, we use ENGLISH on these boards. I don't speak retard.

If you use the connectors that CPE supplies (but RECCOMENDS THAT YOU NOT use) then you will almost guaranteed have problems. They will come loose and your car will stall, shut off, surge, etc.

There is no way around having to cut the MAF wire, that's how the CPE unit works. Therefore, if a dealer really gets in there, yes, they will see what you did.

The only way to properly put in the cpe unit is to solder it in. Also, having talked EXTENSIVELY to every employee at CPE except the new guy, none of them would EVER say what you quoted them as saying. They do not have to lie to sell their product. If you haven't done the research on items before installing them on your car, then you are better off leaving the car stock and not modding it.

Now in the future, featureturtle03, do not post snied comments as you will be humiliated.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
Not open for further replies.