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Hey, the loud thump im not too familiar with, although with the loud BANG, i am! thats happend to me twice (in january a month after i got the car and then in august, 7 months after).... the rear axle broke (CV joint).....i'm too familiar with that sound......

if it IS your Driver side rear CV joint, then the car will stear more to the right (cause well the power isnt going to the left wheel....) and the exact opposite if its the passanger side CV joint......

as far as the key goes, that has also happend to me!....except it wasnt just 1 door, mine was all the i had the smart key system reflashed, and i got a new remote (under warranty)

hope this helps you, if you have any questions about the axle problem, i stated the whole issue in the fourm "you think your speed6 has problems" lol.....yea..... but if that doesnt help you, email me..... <- you think your speed6 ahs problem fourm!

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