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Just lately I've noticed a fizzing sound down by the front / lower left corner (as you stand and look at the car from the front) which starts about 20 seconds after turning off the engine and lasts for about 10 to 20 seconds.

At first I thought it was just one of those 'cooling down' noises. But then I noticed that the coolant level had fallen. Could this be the sign of coolant leak? If it is, it must be tiny because you never get to see any damp anywhere. And the fizzing doesn't last long enough to locate the source. I can't see any damp anywhere, but if a leak was small I guess it would evaporate immediately anyway due to the temperature.

If the fizzing did turn out to be normal, I'd still wonder about that drop in the coolant level. Surely this should remain steady? I only have 2000 miles on my car.

How easy would it be for the dealer to check the cooling system for a leak under these circumstances?
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