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Honda Accord with value package = hell no. cheap car. hubcap rims. nasty overall (ugly) value package : 19.5K stock bargainable 18k

Mazda 6 6i: better than accord safety wise, sportier looking, same price.
2006 Mazda 6I: 19K Bargainable 16K

Mazda 3 s sport: Great gas mileage yet peppy at the same time. Buy the top model for 21k (with spoiler of course & 5 speed Auto)

Comes with HID lights (orgasmic)
Leater seats (always nice)
Light weight car (faster than any NA 2.3L)
Great looks (picks up chicks)
Rain Sensitive windshield wiper (Lexus class stuff)
LED rear tail lights (looks good)
Traction control (safety for winter)
60/40 Folding seats (roomy)
Nice Rims (chicks dig it)

i could go on for a while more. If the answer isnt obvoius then go jump off a bridge my friend. Happy car shopping!

o ya. mazda 3 Bargainable to 19K

((if your not going to buy a mazda 3 grand touring go with a mazda 6 '06 s, you cant go wrong and i got mine down 6 THOUSAND dollars.))
sticker price: 24K and some change
Buying price: 18 and some change
Most are gone by now though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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