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Control arms. Need replacing? (pics)

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Hi all,
so Janet (yes I call my car Janet now) has developed some knocking noise in the front end. It's coming from both sides at different times, sometimes the same time depending on the terrain. Big bumps and speed bumps don't affect it as much going up, but coming down on the speed bumps I hear it more, and on shallow pot holes. I think it's the control arm bushings, but not 100% certain... so I posted some pics too to see if anyone can tell me if these bushings are in fact garbage. They don't look good. Are they toast?
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Its not fair to take pics with the wheels off the ground cause it distorts them. I wouldnt worry about them and honesty, not sure if they can be replaced without he whole arm.
Theres nothing in them that would knock together though. Id check your lower strut bolts.
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I wish someone made solid poly bushings instead of the engineered holey ones.
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Swap them for control arms from the latest KF CX5, they are exact replacement for Mazda 6 but have a much improved bushing setup that has done away with this tuna can bushing and instead has a much narrower concentric tube like design. We in Asia pretty much don't use these tuna can arms and don't bother looking for poly ones as the CX5 arms engineered the problem away.
Oh? Same fit for the 3 too then?
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