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Control arms. Need replacing? (pics)

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Hi all,
so Janet (yes I call my car Janet now) has developed some knocking noise in the front end. It's coming from both sides at different times, sometimes the same time depending on the terrain. Big bumps and speed bumps don't affect it as much going up, but coming down on the speed bumps I hear it more, and on shallow pot holes. I think it's the control arm bushings, but not 100% certain... so I posted some pics too to see if anyone can tell me if these bushings are in fact garbage. They don't look good. Are they toast?
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First one is definitely shot. Second one already has some minor cracks so I'd replace them both.
Thanks jman. I'll order up some new ones... doesn't look too bad as far as install goes. I think I'm going to do that polyurethane filler on the new ones . Might as well since they'll be off the car and easy to get to.
Its not fair to take pics with the wheels off the ground cause it distorts them. I wouldnt worry about them and honesty, not sure if they can be replaced without he whole arm.
I did think about that when taking the pics, but still.. they look to be in pretty bad shape. And I'm not sure what else the knocking would be since it's coming from both sides, and definitely sounds like it's coming from closer to the ground (as opposed to a strut mount or something). The sway bar bushings all looked ok too. When I push down on the car I only hear noise coming from close to the ground on both sides, but it's more pronounced on the pass side.

I plan on doing the entire control arm though... it'd be more expensive and time consuming to have someone press the new bushings than it would just to replace the whole thing myself. Thanks Talon (y)
Theres nothing in them that would knock together though. Id check your lower strut bolts.
I hope you're right 'cause new control arms are ~$200 each! Ouch. I'll dig in a little more after work.

Do you mean the bolts holding the strut tower to the knuckle?
I wish someone made solid poly bushings instead of the engineered holey ones.
I had both my front lower control arms replaced on my 2014 GT last month at 105,000 miles, clunking noises are gone. Seemed like reasonable mileage for a wear & tear item.
I'm at 90k. Seems about the time for things to start falling apart.
You can get aftermarket press-in bushing but I've never had good luck with those. If you are planning on keeping the car for a while buy OEM. Tried different aftermarket brands on a Toyota Sienna and all failed within a year. Same happened with a Mazda 626 and 323 I used to own.
I'm not even messing with just bushings, when these get fixed it'll be the whole control arm.
The only control arms I can even find are OEM Mazda. No "local" parts stores sell one that I can find, but some online OEM vendors have them for a whopping $200 a piece. #&@$ that seems high.

I'm gonna get in there with a wrench and make sure I don't have loose bolts first tho. Thanks all for the feedback 🍻
It could be the strut for all I know . I had a friend push down on the front end and I listened for the sound. Didn't sound like it was coming from the control arm. And it was hard to see with it on the ground, but it didn't look like the control arm bushings were shot enough for metal on metal contact (but they still look bad imo).
Sounded more like it was coming from the strut. Would be great news since that would be a good reason to stiffen it up and lower it an inch or so.
Fill the holes in the bushings with Black silicone RTV. Just be sure to do it when the car is sitting on them weighted. Let it cure before you drive.
I wont be quite a rigid as poly bu it will be a reasonable street worthy compromise.
I'm definitely interested in doing that. I saw the How-To thread a while back and it looks pretty easy... messy, but not too difficult.
I'm going to have a mechanic look at my car before I do anything. If they say the bushings are fine and have plenty of life left on them maybe I'll silicone or poly them up. Otherwise, just might order new control arms and mod them off the car before I install them.
I was certain those bushings were done for, but now I'm not so sure lol.
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