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Control arms. Need replacing? (pics)

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Hi all,
so Janet (yes I call my car Janet now) has developed some knocking noise in the front end. It's coming from both sides at different times, sometimes the same time depending on the terrain. Big bumps and speed bumps don't affect it as much going up, but coming down on the speed bumps I hear it more, and on shallow pot holes. I think it's the control arm bushings, but not 100% certain... so I posted some pics too to see if anyone can tell me if these bushings are in fact garbage. They don't look good. Are they toast?
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First one is definitely shot. Second one already has some minor cracks so I'd replace them both.
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This is definitely shot and under load, those two metal components could come in contact:


This one is not from a Mazda but when these bushings are bad, A can come in contact with B since the arm is no longer properly "suspended".


You can get aftermarket press-in bushing but I've never had good luck with those. If you are planning on keeping the car for a while buy OEM. Tried different aftermarket brands on a Toyota Sienna and all failed within a year. Same happened with a Mazda 626 and 323 I used to own.
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