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Hi, I just recently bought a 2006 Mazda 6 and the sales manager gave me an Compass Autodim mirror.

I need to get a wiring harness and install it myself.

Does anyone have ideas on where I can get the harness and directions for installation?


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Hi , welcome among us on this great forum

I , myself had the dealer switch the Homelink Dim mirror for a Compass Home/Dim one . They installed it themselves in like less than half hour (cheap labor cost/in my case included) .... you might want to do the same and have them warranty it for 3 years since they are installing it after a brand new 6 purchase ..... otherwise it will only be warrantied 1 year for part only ..... the dealer should have the all the parts you're looking for + the knowledge to help you on installing it ..... you can also go on Ebay and buy a CD-Rom WorkShop Manual for under 10 bucks and have all the goodies in there to satisfy your independence and thirst for all things Mazda 6 like I did .
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