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Cold draft behind glove box?

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I have an 04 6 wagon with 120000 kms. I have recently noticed a very cold draft coming in the car from somewhere behind the glove box. It happens when it is cold (obviously) and while driving on the highway. Gets worse when driving into the wind but is still noticable with a tailwind. Also it doesn't seem to matter which setting the hvac system is on.:banghead: :confused:

Could this have anything to do with the cabin filter? It has never done it before and I have had the car since new. I searched the forums but can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appriciated. Cheers. :cheers:
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My guess...yes, the cover for the cabin filter door may be open or missing.
Pop off the cord dampener from the right side of the glove compartment. Push in the tab on each end of the glove box and the glove box will tilt down to allow you to get to the cabin filter door.
Also, check out Ebay for filters, three for about $22 shipped. Local auto parts store gets about $20 for one.
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