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Hi there,
I did a search for information on code P0302 and found a bunch of posts all concerning the 6 cylinder engine and none of them had the same issues as my wife's car. She has a 4 cylinder 2008 4 door and it runs great for about 15 minutes or so, then it throws the CEL and stores code P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire). We changed the plugs and plug towers (connector between plugs and coil on plug) and still had the same issue. We swapped the #2 and #3 cylinder coils to see if the misfire would follow the coil and it did NOT. We took the car to the dealer and their diagnostic machine said all cylinders had slightly low compression but #2 was down in the 60-65 lb. range. The car runs great until it warms up and throws that code, then we have to limp it home. I can clear the code and it immediately runs great again for a while. No smoking, no issues at low or high rpm until it throws the code. It does not seem to matter if the engine is cold or hot (clear the code on a hot engine and it will run great again until the CEL comes on and it throws the code again.) I will look at the intake (accordion) hose as I saw something in a post about it being prone to leaking and creating a lean condition. The car has been babied since day one and has only 128k on it (only 5k by my wife in 4 years.) Any suggestions?
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