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Clutch Masters Stage 1 vs. Stage 2

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My '03 6 needs a new clutch after 66,000 miles. I've read up on here and it seems that the consensus is to replace with a Clutch Masters Stage 2 and the Fidanza lightweight flywheel.

I see that the stage 1 clutch is about $120 cheaper than the stage 2. Since this is a costly repair, I wouldn't mind saving that money and getting the stage 1. My question - is it a huge difference from stage 1 to stage 2? Is it worth the extra money?

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IMO putting a stage 2 clutch on a stock engine is a waste of money unless you plan on doing a turbo or supercharger upgrade. I ran an Exedy lightweight flywheel with the stock clutch for the last year and was extremely pleased. The stock clutch is rated around 225 lb/ft torque. I am currently installing an ACT HDMM stage 1 clutch rated to handle up to 376 lb/ft of torque because of some mods I will be doing to the engine later this spring. A stage 2 ACT clutch can handle up to 481 lb/ft of torque, but since the stock engine can only make around 200 lb/ft of torque what would be the point?

A light weight flywheel is defintely a good idea though.
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