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Hi all,

I've posted about this issue before but the problems persist.

I bought my 2004 Mazda 6 2.3 litre in June of 2009 with 49,000 km (~30,000 miles) on it, it's got a manual transmission. It was fine for the first ~50,000 km or so. It started having the slipping clutch plate issue as well as very stiff pedal, difficult shifts resulting in minor grinding in shifting in third gear, a constant feeling of the car have drag issues while accelerating or cruising similar to an engine that is out of tune, though that was not the issue. And the chirping noise associated with a failing release bearing when the clutch pedal was fully engaged (all the way out).

The vehicle was also extremely difficult to start from a stop and move in stop and go traffic (rush hour).

The flywheel has also not been replaced.

After the clutch was replaced I continued to have problems, the only thing that no longer happened was the slipping clutch plate, the release bearing failed after an additional 20,000 km and was replaced again, this time the car drove great with no problems for the first 1000 km or about two weeks, then the problems started again, all of them except for the slipping clutch plate (I haven't had that problem since the original clutch). I took it back to the shop for numerous brake bleeds and pedal adjustments that fixed the problem for about a week or so each time. then after another 15,000 km or so the release bearing failed again and was replaced. This time they replaced the slave cylinder and we're suppose to replace the master cylinder but they couldn't get the part they ordered to bleed so they left the old one in. The pedal would only come about an inch from the floor for the first day or two so I had them replace the master anyways, they had to order two more as the second one was also a failed part. I had them separate the clutch system from the brake reservoir to make sure that wasn't causing any problems. I used a clutch reservoir from a Honda Civic for that one. The car drove fine again for the first 1000 km for two weeks again and again the problems arose. It's been another 20,000 km and the release bearing has failed again as I expected it would.

This is ridiculous, I like this car otherwise, these problems make no sense to me, why is this happening? On a plus note if you drive the car for long periods on the highway cruising at 100 km/h+ it starts to run smoothly, no weird clutch engagement hesitation and it even drives in the city fine for several stops and then starts to drive poorly again. Redline shifting also fixes the shifting and cruising problems for some reason though I rarely have to do that short of pulling out of a rural driveway onto a busy road. The starting issues and stop and go traffic issues have been greatly reduced to being almost not noticeable at times since the slave cylinder was replaced. Though the car feels sluggish, unresponsive and seems to have a lack of power throughput from the engine to the wheels at times and then not at all other times (works as expected), usually after a long highway drive with no shifting and little acceleration/deceleration. The engine is in tune and running efficiently (no fuel millage issues) and I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada so winters can be harsh on cars. Baffling to me and extremely annoying, the garage that did the work thus far has honoured and warrantied everything.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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