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Hey everyone,

I've been using this forum for years as a source of information and diagnostic resources! So thank you to everyone.

(LONG READ....expertise needed)

I recently brought my car to the mechanic after breaking down on the highway (clutch went to the floor and stayed there while switching from 1st to 2nd gear) Right after breaking down on the highway, the first thing I checked was the slave clyinder piston and it was not pushing out, so that confirmed my suspicion of it being Hydraulic related.

Both the mechanic and I agreed it was the slave/Master cylinder as I had been meaning to replace them for a few weeks, and the clutch has never slipped.

Took him a few weeks to replace it - guy was busy as all hell - and after replacing he rings me saying they have been trying to bleed the system for hours with no they stopped working on it for another week. After that week, he rings me again saying the clutch bracket is cracked (I was aware of it before, replacement was already on the way but it has never given me trouble, only creaks abit.) I asked him to weld it, and he reckons when I install the new clutch pedal I should get full travel again, but I feel as if there are still air bubbles or something wrong with the hydraulics....let me explain:

All he was able to get was about 2 inches of travel from the clutch pedal - the first half there is pretty well no pressure - then about 2 inches above the floor I get pressure. It barely disengages the clutch enough for me to switch gears, so it is basically like driving without using the clutch.

This is where is gets abit confusing for me. In temperatures above -5C the clutch pedal will not return to its fully up stays about halfway down with only those 2 inches of travel......but in temperatures around or below -15C the clutch pedal will return to the full up position with moderate pressure all the way through.

Everything I have read online regarding temperature related issues involves the clutch being soft when cold and stiff when warm, but my situation is almost the exact opposite. Stiff and smooth when cold, and after about 15-20 minutes of driving it feels coarse and looser.

Do you guys think by replacing my cracked clutch pedal bracket, I would really get full travel again? The only reason I think it is hydraulic related now, is because at these lower temperatures (below -15C) it feels almost completely normal, as if nothing is wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if you made it this far.....thank you fellow mazda lovers.

A few notes:

-replaced MTF with royal purple (output seal has a small leak, also replacing asap)

-had clutch pedal adjusted incorrectly for a year, then adjusted to almost max setting a few months ago (rod is fully extended into master cylinder)

-mechanic replaced slave/Master cylinder with Luk replacement supplied by parts avatar - then switched back to original (napa) master cylinder that was in there, after not being able to bleed system. After that he was able to get the 2 inches of travel.
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