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I just picked up my 07 Mazda6Sport, and i'm loving it so far, except for one small issue: Sound Quality. I have the base (non-bose) stereo, and i'm not impressed with the quality of the sound.

My current plans are new speakers front and rear, a small (8" or 10") sub in a sealed box and amps for each of these (though the amps for front and back may come at a later date)

I know, from looking at the cleansweep sticky post, that i could easily get 3 LOC and tap the front speaker signal three times for those, but then i'd loose front to back balance. That being said, i rarely adjust that, so it may be something i'd consider.

Has anyone else done an install like this? Of those who bought a cleansweep (or rf360) did you have an LOC first and upgrade?

Thanks in advance.
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