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Cleaning the MAF???

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Ok so my car is still reading the p0171 code and I'm thinking that its my MAF i took it out and it looked dirty. My uncle is a mechanic and he told me to NOT clean the MAF he said that if I try to clean it I may as well buy a new one. He said I would damage it or something but I have electronic cleaner to clean it. So is it a bad idea to do clean it or what should I do?
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You can use MAF cleaner from any autoparts store.

I use Percision electronic cleaner from radioshack.

You Uncle is ignorant.

there are other home remidies out there that work even better than the above, but those are the easiest. Just spray on and let it dry.

Ps they are alcohol based and are self drying. Do not touch the MAFS filiment as this will require you to buy a new maf.....

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