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cleaning out some stuff

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well, found a few things in the tool box that i sure don't need anymore, so thought people might wanna give something a try.

4 things so far
1)NOLOGY wires for '03 (before COP, standard ignition) *-$20
2)PIAA fogs (yellow) just needs toggle switch -$20+lunch
3)Mazda6 gauge faces - transformer/electronics weren't working -lunch
4)6i passenger mount fabbed from a VF Engineering mount for the focus. *good for anyone who's busted i'd imagine. -$50+lunch

i'm not asking for any $ up front for anything other than the plug wires, as all other items will take some work in most cases. *if you get the parts working, then we'll meet up and take car of things, if it doesn't work, no harm no foul i just ask that it isn't sold to someone else for profit. *i can help with the engine mount install if needed as well.

socal only, no shipping which is why it's in the cali section
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lol...all of it, just boxed it back up
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