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Cheap, Easy Cold air intake code fix!! (3.0)

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So, you ordered a Cold air intake. You put it on as soon as receive it and take the car for a drive. All of a sudden, BAM!! CEL!!! :frown2:. While there are expensive fixes for some CAI systems out there, I'm here to tell you how you can fix it for $10 or less!! I'm not the 1st to to this. There was a post long ago that I can not find now to give the proper credit for the fix.


Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to it!!

From reading around the forum, the MAF sensor can not take the new increased air flow. What this fix does is slightly reduce the amount of air that the MAF sees.

Tools needed:
Screwdriver, small fingers, chopsticks
Whatever you have to get the MAF sensor out
Drink of your choice. I prefer NOS lol.

Materials needed:
Spectre Performance 8776 3-3/2.5" Intake Coupler with removable reducer

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Now I don't have anything special on my car. It's a $30 cold air intake that I got off of eBay. I've had this mod in the car for 3000 miles now with no issues or codes for that matter. You can do this with the intake on but would more than likely be easier to have it off.

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Once everything is cleanish, remove the MAF sensor with or without it plugged in and set it off to the side on something clean. Remove the reducer from the coupler and set the coupler out of the way. The couple will not be used for this mod. You're really only after the reducer.

Auto part

We now need to take the reducer and feed it into the intake through the MAF bung. You need to position it to where it sits inside the pipe BEFORE the MAF sensor. This is what will reduce the airflow just enough to not throw any codes. Use your fingers, chopsticks, etc to make sure that the reducer is sitting flat and even inside the pipe. Once it's in place, it shouldn't move. I drive hard at times at WOT and it hasn't budged.

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Once in place, you're done!! That's it!!! Put the intake back on if you took it out and put the MAF sensor back in. Make sure everything is plugged in and tightened down. Clear the codes and enjoy trouble code free cold air action.


My CAI WAS a 1 piece. I wanted the ability to run short ram if I wanted/needed to for Florida's wet months. By doing this, it was extremely easy to place the reducer inside the intake where it needed to be.

Extra tools needed:
Hacksaw, chop saw, cutoff wheel
2in masking tape
BIG boy/girl panties


Start by butting the masking tape up against the MAF sensor bung and wrap it all the away around the pipe. You need to make sure the tape is in between the sensor and the filter. Keep the tape nice and even around the pipe by overlapping the ends of the tape keeping the edges in line.

Now, we can either take a marker and trace the edge of the tape and then remove the tape or... Man/Woman up and CAREFULLY cut the intake following the tape edge until you have a new 2 piece intake system. Clean up the edges so it doesn't try to slice you open. Place the reducer inside the intake pipe right before the MAF sensor.

Once in place, you're done. Sit back and decide how you want to run your intake. If short ram, place the filter on the newly shortened intake. You may want to figure out a bracket to hold the weight of the filter and pipe to keep it from flopping around lol. I ran with it flopping for a month with no issues but I knew I was going for cold air.

For cold air, place the filter where it would normally be and placed and put that coupler that we bought to get the reducer piece right where we cut the pipe. Tighten everything up and you're good to go.

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I hope this helps some people out there that may or may not Have the code. As said, I'm at 3000 miles running this way and not once had a code.
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I just received this one for less than $12. Its real although a different filter may be advisable
That's nice find!! Last year when I bought mine, they didn't have that available. The $30 1 piece was the only cheap one I could find. When you get it put on, post it up so all could see. It looks as if it's going to sit real low lol.

I just looked again and it didn't come up under cold air intake. It comes up as a search for "intake tube Mazda 6" still a great find lol.
Daayuum You are a god. Thanks for sharing this fix!! I've been hesitant on getting an intake for my car, but I think I have no excuses now!
Lmao, no I'm no God even though my wife thinks so :grin2: I just reposted the fix for all to see. I really wish I could find the original post so I could give the proper credit. This is just a simple easy fix. $12- $35 bucks for a CAI and another <$10 for a piece of rubber to sit inside it is a nice cheap mod.
Omg thank you so much! I was just about to buy that same cheap cai from eBay and cut it to make a short ram then make my own custom box for it. I was always worried about throwing a code(other then the gas cap leak I already have). Plus I worry about the cai would suck up water so that's why I wanted to cut it and make a shortie out of it. So you definitely proved to me that it works. And will definitely be doing this fix. Does the coupler just sit inside if the pipe right before the maf?
If you're getting the same CAI you won't need to worry about water inside. The filter sits inside the fender where the stock air box sits. It's not long enough to sit low enough to suck water up. If I ended up sucking water up, I would have been driving in water that I shouldn't of. With a hydro shield on the filter, you will be fine.

As far as the reducer, yes that sits inside the CAI in between the MAF and filter. When in short ram you would just place the filter where you cut it before the MAF. When wanting cold air place the coupler where you cut and the filter down in the fender. Once in hand you'll be able to visualize it better.

Good luck and have fun. It's a cool little mod to do. :grin2:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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