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Changing brakes and rotors 2010 Mazda 6

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Hi all,

I’m at the point where my rotors are so warped when I brake my car shakes. I had the rotors and brakes changed out last year, my roommate is saying that I brake too hard. Anyway I heard some grinding tonight when I was almost home from work. It didn’t grind the whole time but I heard it a couple of times braking. I was wondering who actually replaces their own rotors and brakes and if it’s hard. I have never done anything major myself to my car so I’m a little nervous. I have all the tools to repair this I just need the rotors and brake pads. I just haven’t done this ever in my life and was wondering if it’s worth it to try to do myself or take to mechanic who happens to be next door.

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We're talking brakes here... I would strongly suggest you have someone that knows what they're doing be involved whether you just watch, assist or he assists you. AFTER having seen it done it is not difficult but something I would not suggest doing on your own if you haven't before.
If I may reiterate your suggestion​, have a friend with you who knows how to do it so that you won't mess up anything. The job might be "simple" for those who know how to do it. However, imagine what will happen if you lose your brakes.

Another is let the mechanic accompany you as you do it, if he's willing and then pay his professional fee.
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