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Changing brakes and rotors 2010 Mazda 6

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Hi all,

I’m at the point where my rotors are so warped when I brake my car shakes. I had the rotors and brakes changed out last year, my roommate is saying that I brake too hard. Anyway I heard some grinding tonight when I was almost home from work. It didn’t grind the whole time but I heard it a couple of times braking. I was wondering who actually replaces their own rotors and brakes and if it’s hard. I have never done anything major myself to my car so I’m a little nervous. I have all the tools to repair this I just need the rotors and brake pads. I just haven’t done this ever in my life and was wondering if it’s worth it to try to do myself or take to mechanic who happens to be next door.

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It's definitely worth doing yourself. The satisfaction of changing your own brakes is... satisfying. It sounds like you're a heavy braker so you might want to upgrade to a more performance grade rotor and pad set like Power Stop Evolution or similar that can take the abuse. I can get away with cheaper sets because I'm not a heavy braker.

I had never changed brakes before a year ago and now I've done a set of both front and rear. It's not difficult at all... EXCEPT corrosion and seized bolts, etc. That's what takes the most time, especially if you live in a salty state. Just take your time, be prepared to fight bolts, and as Ticker advised, seating the pads correctly after installation is very, VERY important. Follow the break-in procedure provided by the manufacturer to the letter and you'll be fine.
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