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Well after hunting a number of sites and finding very little information on changing the fluid in a 2012 4 cyl Mazda 6 I'd thought I would share my findings

1) It takes 3 to 3.2qt when draining the fluid. You want Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid. You can get 3 quarts at Walmart for $5.39/qt. There is a 4 qt jug at AutoZone for about $18

2) You need to remove the plastic shield under the car. About 10 bolts hold it in place.

3) Drain plug uses an 8mm allen hex to remove the bolt.

4) No filter to replace, its just a screen, so don't worry about that.

5) There is a plastic dip stick held in by a 10mm bolt (see attached pictures). Remove 10mm bolt and pull up on plastic dip stick, its held tight by a rubber o-ring. Stick in a funnel and then place another funnel higher up and with the hex bolt back in the transmission drain pan pour new fluid in. I measured what I took out and it was 3qt so I put 3qt back in. But some have gotten 3.2qt out of the transmission before.

6) Insert dipstick and see if level is same as it was before the drain. Add 0.2qt more if needed.

7) Be sure to secure dip stick back in place and put your plastic shield back on. Run the transmission thru all the gears and drive it around to mix up the fluids.


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