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I've had my MSP6 for a whole three days now, the only modification I've made is the clutch adjustment... and this morning when I get a CEL thrown at me.

I've given it a couple of launches at around 4500 and done some aggressive driving, but but aside from the two launches nothing serious.

Is it possible my clutch adjustment could lead to a CEL? Even if it was misadjusted and couldn't disengage (which I don't think is the case anyway), that shouldn't lead to a CEL, right?

It's only got 250 miles on it now, still on the tank of gas the dealer put in when I bought it. My best guess is that the dealer put crappy gas in it... but I dunno.

Is there something obvious it could be that I'm missing?

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I had a cel with about 8K miles. I went back to the dealer and they modified the gas cap per Mazda.
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