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Carolinas Member List

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(01) spiker98 /ms6/ Gray/ Greenville, SC
(02) blazingcopper6 /6s/ Blazing Copper/ Concord, NC
(03) ro4fd /6i hatch/ Volcano Red/ Hendersonville, NC
(04) breezor /6s/ Steel Gray/ Charlotte, NC
(05) 0bigdog /6s hatch/ Blazing Copper/ Kannapolis, NC
(06) Mazda6stoked /6i/ Lapis Blue / Apex, NC
(07) skoobz /6i/ Lapis Blue / Raleigh/Charlotte, NC
(08) Karmasport/6s hatch/ Volcanic Red/ Raleigh, NC
(09) mazdaman24 /6s/ Lapis Blue / RDU, NC
(10) seth042280 /6i/ Lapis Blue/ Apex, NC
(11) FTASNTZ / Miatas / Apex, NC
(12) Growler6 /6i/ / Charleston, SC
(13) ZEMX3 /6s/ Silver / Kernersville, NC
(14) mazda6chic05 /6s/ Black / Spartanburg, SC
(15) mazdaman24 /6s/ Lapis Blue / Durham, NC
(16) bobbyb0096 /6s/ Black / Greenville,
(17) chucktown_1843 /6i/ Tungsten Grey / Summerville, SC
(18) sman360 /6i/ Silver Metallic / Columbia, SC
(19) mynio76 /6s/ Black / Raleigh, NC
(20) 1shotkllz /6i/ / Greenville, NC
(21) Ford Freak /6I/ Sangria Red / Sumter, SC
(22) silntalrm /6s/ / Clemson, SC
(23) ZachCortez /6i/ / Winston Salem/Kernersville, NC
(24) ShurikenSandwich /6s Wagon/ Glacier Silver / Rock Hill, SC
(25) shaaawn12 /6s/ Glacier Silver/ Boiling Springs, SC
(26) sg05wagon /6sWagon/ Steel Gray/ Asheville, NC
(27) Tokyan /04 6s/ Silver / Kannapolis, NC
i am still working on the list. post if you are not listed above

check out

log on, and say hello.
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deton8ed/06 ms6/mica/mebane NC
ya i think they do need to update the list
yeah i'm in hawaii now but still have love for the carolinas
ReaperType6/ 07 Speed6 GT/ Onyx Black / CherryPoint, Nc
new 6

i live in greenville just got my 1st 6 onw week now loviing it wish it was 5 speed but couldnt find any.So its time to start making it mine. First from what iv read is dump the cats new pcv and get my amp and box in.I want my alping in but that is going to be a task from what i see. any ideas on mods i can do this is my work ride 100 to 300 miles a day but all that means is i need it to by as nice as i can...
Just saw this thread. Anyway, The name is Steven
Chucktown_1843/06 6i/Tungsten Grey/Summerville, SC
sman360/08 6i/Silver Metallic/Columbia, SC
late post

I might be late posting this but,

You aren't the only one. lolz
need to see more ppl on!
I'll look into that website later today.

Ford Freak/09 6I T MT/Sangria Red/Sumter, SC
Welcome guys, i will update the list this month
ZachCortez - 06 6i ATX Winston Salem/Kernersville, NC
ShurikenSandwich / 6s Wagon / Glacier Silver / Rock Hill, SC
Welcome Guys!

i have finally updated the list. It now lists members who have been active in 2011.
101 - 120 of 126 Posts
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