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Carolinas Member List

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(01) spiker98 /ms6/ Gray/ Greenville, SC
(02) blazingcopper6 /6s/ Blazing Copper/ Concord, NC
(03) ro4fd /6i hatch/ Volcano Red/ Hendersonville, NC
(04) breezor /6s/ Steel Gray/ Charlotte, NC
(05) 0bigdog /6s hatch/ Blazing Copper/ Kannapolis, NC
(06) Mazda6stoked /6i/ Lapis Blue / Apex, NC
(07) skoobz /6i/ Lapis Blue / Raleigh/Charlotte, NC
(08) Karmasport/6s hatch/ Volcanic Red/ Raleigh, NC
(09) mazdaman24 /6s/ Lapis Blue / RDU, NC
(10) seth042280 /6i/ Lapis Blue/ Apex, NC
(11) FTASNTZ / Miatas / Apex, NC
(12) Growler6 /6i/ / Charleston, SC
(13) ZEMX3 /6s/ Silver / Kernersville, NC
(14) mazda6chic05 /6s/ Black / Spartanburg, SC
(15) mazdaman24 /6s/ Lapis Blue / Durham, NC
(16) bobbyb0096 /6s/ Black / Greenville,
(17) chucktown_1843 /6i/ Tungsten Grey / Summerville, SC
(18) sman360 /6i/ Silver Metallic / Columbia, SC
(19) mynio76 /6s/ Black / Raleigh, NC
(20) 1shotkllz /6i/ / Greenville, NC
(21) Ford Freak /6I/ Sangria Red / Sumter, SC
(22) silntalrm /6s/ / Clemson, SC
(23) ZachCortez /6i/ / Winston Salem/Kernersville, NC
(24) ShurikenSandwich /6s Wagon/ Glacier Silver / Rock Hill, SC
(25) shaaawn12 /6s/ Glacier Silver/ Boiling Springs, SC
(26) sg05wagon /6sWagon/ Steel Gray/ Asheville, NC
(27) Tokyan /04 6s/ Silver / Kannapolis, NC
i am still working on the list. post if you are not listed above

check out

log on, and say hello.
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exharrison /6i hatch/ charcoal gray/ raleigh, nc
:yesnod: welcome :yesnod:
whos #1?
So i was driving home from the movies today and i saw a red Speed6. Here I thought I was the only one in the Charleston area concidering the neerest mazdaspeed dealer is 75-85 miles away. Has anyone else here seen it or know who it is?

no........................................I AM #1 DAMMIT! :nana:
How the hell is dave before me??? hahahaha j/k, its cool. u need to come to the ashville meet dave.
hmm, so apparently only me and scms6 have ms6's in the carolinas on this forum! lol, if only it were true :D.
I've seen one other myself down here in Charleston. Apparently there's one other one here also... I'm trying to find them and see if they want to go to the Show Zone Dyno Day in Ladson.
My bro lives in Charleston, so I was considering just visiting him and doing the dyno day at the same time. I would have to check out the money situation though :(.
Well it's only 75 bucks for 3 pulls. I'm getting base line before I head over to RC muffler for my 3" custom exhaust. Then I'll have to look at $ for the after...
0bigdog /6s hatch/blazing copper/ kannapolis ,nc
0bigdog /6s hatch/blazing copper/ kannapolis ,nc
Welcome :yesnod:
Gabe0000 - Albemarle, NC
Gabe0000 - Albemarle, NC
welcome, what make/model/color do you have?
mazda6stoked/6i/lapis blue/ raleigh-caryy-morrisville area, nc
mazda6stoked/6i/lapis blue/ raleigh-caryy-morrisville area, nc
thank you for posting, and welcome back
thank you for posting, and welcome back

thanks!! sorry ive been gone for so long.... but hopefully i'll be around a lot more now. if i start fading away again someone just give me a good kick in the @$$
1 - 20 of 126 Posts
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