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Hey everyone...

My 04 6i Automatic just recently shut off on me on the highway. As I was traveling about 100km/hour (about 60 miles/hour) and was about to exit a major highway, the engine lost power and I found myself coasting without power. Luckily I was entering a ramp the time and found my way to the side of the ramp.... I turned the car back on and it seemed fine. I was able to rev and increase the rpm in Park.. The car showed no sign of a problem BUT just when I placed the car in drive, the check engine light along with the battery and oil lights came on and the car shut off... This happened again and again and again... After a few minutes, I was able to drive the car for a short distance (about 40 meters/120 feet) but it seemed like the engine was struggling.... the rpm went up and down violently and the car turned off once more....So I called a tow truck and had it towed to my mechanic... when I arrived (an hour after the incident) the car turned on and was fully operational. There was no code and visual inspection showed no problems. I drove off and things were fine for about 3 weeks....

Two days ago, I was on the highway again when the same thing happened, except this time the car didnt turn off in motion.... the rpm went up and down violently once more and it seemed like I was losing power slowly eventhough I was giving the engine more gas..... I found myself on the side of the highway again....I waited for about thirty minutes and gave it a try but this time, waiting did nothing. the car would start but once it went into drive/reverse and started to move, the car LOST POWER... happened again and again to the point where the car wouldnt turn on a few times near the end... I called a tow truck and took it to the shop...

I replaced the camshaft position sensor and that did nothing..... I have no idea whats wrong with the car and my mechanic cant put a finger on it.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? I will take it into Mazda but dont want to replace the tranny and have the same problem again...

PLEASE HELP!!!!!! your input would be greatly appreciated....

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