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My power driver seat (heated, with airbag) has been getting stuck going forward and back for a while now and it seems to be getting worse. My wife and I both drive this car and when we have to move the seat, it will go for a few seconds, stop, then we have to wait a few seconds and try again and it will move forward bit by bit like this until it is where we need it. We are going on a long road trip in a few weeks and she is going to help drive a bit, but she is pregnant so I am really worried that it is going to finally die for good while stuck in her (short) seat position a thousand miles from home.

I had my local import shop look and they told me that the motor for this seat is no longer made. They gave me a part number of GAC6 88-AF0B and said if I can find one, they will install it. I'm not finding any reliable looking parts sites that have the part and I'm not seeing any on ebay right now.

Does anybody know what my options are here? If I can't find a replacement motor, can I pull a manual seat track out of a gen 1 mazda 6 and attach it to my existing seat? Or would I have to replace the seats too? Are there any other models with seats that would fit?

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