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My Mazda Dealership told me that Mazda no longer supplies the Torque Strut (rear) Engine Mount for my 2005 6i Hatchback with the 2.3L Engine and Automatic Transmission. I asked them to look up the Part Number for the mount they said fits my car and they told me PN GN3A39040A is the Part Number for the Dog Bone looking mount by it self, and PN GN3B3904XA is the Part Number for the mount, bracket, and screws, so I went on line to try to find an after-market one for my car using the Part Numbers Mazda gave me and the make, model, year of my car for a reference. I'm finding out that many people besides myself are getting replacement after-market mounts that don't fit their car. The common problem is that the wider, or "rear" portion of the mount is too wide. There's a bushing that goes through the rubber portion of the rear of the mount that is too long; it's roughly 2.5" long where as the one I removed from my car is only 2" long. To help be more specific, when I look up the OEM Part Number of GN3B3904XA on eBay or I wind up with after market mounts that have part numbers 9195 or 3501. In fact, when I received the mount from eBay that didn't fit that mount came in a bag with a label on it that said "3501" in typed ink. The bag the part came in had "9195" hand written in an Indelible Marker on the outside. I'm going to attach a photo of the original OEM and After-Market mounts side by side. My original mount is the one on the left that has the 2" wide bushing through the top rubber portion.
If any of you have run across this problem and found a Torque Strut Motor Mount that is 2" wide that will fit my car please reply to this and let me know. Thank you.
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Its a tight fit. I have had to put it in at an angle and use the mount to widen it a bit. there is also a slot it fits into so make sure you are inserting it correctly... :oops:

On a side note, I filled my mount space with 3M windshield adhesive because aftrer 3 of those mounts I was tired of replacing them. Fantastic decision as the shifting is much better and no more tearing.
Cannot get OEM motor mounts!! Any recommendations?
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