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Thought you guys might be interested in this e-mail I got from CanadianAutoReview. I asked them if they knew if the Canadian cars were able to display the odometer in Kilometers and/or Miles and when they were going to have a full review of the car. Here is their response:


Thanks for visiting and your kind compliments.

All the cars tested were Canadian specs and as such do not offer readings in miles, only kilometres.

I'm working on the write-up but it will be in Chinese, sorry that you might not be able to read it.

Here's my thoughts:
Styling is the prettiest and sportiest amongst its competitors like the new Accord. I found both the 4-cylinder and the V6 well up to task but not as sweet-sounding as I would like. Also, steering although direct seems to lack fluidity and road feel, however handling is exceptional, did very well on Blainville Track where I did most of the testing.
I would still fo for the new Accord for overall value although the new Accord is damn ugly in this latest iteration. The new Accord still drives and ride very well, thank goodness. And the Mazda6 has no price advantage over the Accord because Mazda has pared the pricing of its Mazda6 with the Accord, when similarly equipped.

Sammy Chan,
Chief Editor
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