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Since my Account is a "Canadian account", problably because the IP Adresse is Canadian, I cant watch all Videos on

Therefore I wonder if someone created an US account with US IP Adress, and send me the account info, would work.

PM me the acount info please!

Thanks in Advance!

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i'm pretty sure you can just create one yourself.

question: when you log on or when you go to
do you go to the (ca) canada site?

im in the US and i have one New Zealand/Aussie account*

the US verison is just then sign up.

the rest, when you sign up will usually say on the page somewhere that its Spain, Aus/NZ, or whatever

but start here then pick your country.

*just cuz :huh:

edit: also i usually get an ERROR with video launch, so it may not just be because of the country.
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