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My 2006 Speed 6 (44,000 miles) had a check engine light come on yesterday. Took it to Autozone and pulled the P0441 (incorrect purge flow) fault. My car has done this 4 other times and the dealership has installed a new purge valve each time. The last time it was replaced, it was supposedly a new redesigned purge valve. That was about 1-1/2 years ago.

About a year ago I replaced the stock bypass valve with a TurboXS BPV. So, today I took it into he dealer and he questioned if the TXS BPV would be causing the purge valves to go bad. I explained that the TXS BPV was only recently installed and all the other purge valve replacements were done when the stock BPV was in the car. So this was the first purge valve to go bad since I installed the BPV. The other 3 were with the stock unit.

But this just got me wondering. Would there or could there be any correlation between the TSX BPV or any associated plumbing with the BPV that could either cause a bad purge valve or throw this P0441 code???

Just wanted to throw this out so I can be sure the BPV isn't the cause...

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