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Camber issues

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Hey guys, in the summer I lowered my 6 with sprint springs (1.8) and threw on some 18" Rx-8's with Khumo tires. In November, I started getting some noise from the tires, initially I thought it was just rd. noise due to wear, then I started getting vibration at high speeds. Last week I took the car in and checked out the tires...........they've worn sooo unevenly and they say it's say camber due to the lowering.
They recommend a camber, kit. They don't make em for the 6. Has anyone experienced this or could help me out with sum advice? Right now I'm back on stock tires.

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Currently, there is no way to adjust the camber in the front. Just the rear. I'm sure you are aware of this. There have been discussions about getting adjustable A-Arms for the front that would allow adjustment of the camber. Read all about it here.

On a side note.....Where abouts are you located in Rochester? I grew up in a small town between Buffalo and Rochester. My parents place is about 5 miles from the begining of the Lake Ontario Parkway.
I go to school up here @ RIT, I live in Westchester, NY though. Sorry I forgot to mention the uneven wear is on the two rear tires, thanks for your response. What can I do about the rears?
The tires are worn more on the inside than the outside? You need to start taking corners faster.:)

Also, check your toe (in or out). Excessive toe will destroy tires fast (but toe out will sure make it corner easier).
Rears are choppy on the inside. And yeah GaryS, I have been taking corners slowly now, my drifting days are over :)
The rear camber and toe can be adjusted, no kit needed. It shouldn't be hard to get it within spec, any alignment shop can do it.
Thanks for your responses. This might be a dumbasss question but how does the shop know what spec is?
Thanks for your responses. This might be a dumbasss question but how does the shop know what spec is?
Every modern alignment machine has the "stock" specs stored in it. The tech tells the computer in the machine what year, make and model and then the alignment equipment shows the tech what the specs should be. Modern alignment equipment is designed so that any dummy can use it.

BTW, I align my Miata autocross weapon by telling the tech: "Give me as much negative camber as you can in front and I'll live with whatever caster you wind up with. I want .5° more negative camber in the rear as in the front." I get the requested settings every time as I go to a guy who knows how to align cars because he has been doing race cars for 20+ years. drifting days are over.[/b]
They sure are since you have a FWD car.:)
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