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Calling All Singapore M6 Drivers Here

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I know there are a few of you here, and I hope you guys see this message.
Am not sure if you're aware there's a Singapore Mazda6 group.
Some of you are already in the club, but have different nicknames in the forum we operate from ;)

If not, would you be interested in joining us? :D
We'd love to have you.
In fact, we're looking to make it an official club that Mazda recognizes :hoho
If you're interested,

Go to delphiforums at and do a search for Atenza Club Singapore.

Alternatively, the url link is

Hope to see you guys there :)
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hey there psychederic
go check out the forum in singapore.
i'm sure you'll find all the answers you're looking for regarding your 6.
we have regular meet ups and i'm sure you can ask some of the guys there if you have any questions regarding the car.

have fun there, and congrats on getting the car.;)
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