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CA Emmisions Thread

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Hey guys! Just had my first Smog Check done sine moving out here and failed the Visual Inspection. I have an Injen CAI so I did a closed loop on one of my sensors so I wouldn't trip the CEL.

Other than putting in the stock airbox, anyone run into this problem and passed Smog Check? My old Airbox is somewhere in Connecticut so I'd basically have to find someone selling one (which they are on the buy/sell forums).

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1) "Disconnected" Vacuum Lines to Sensors/Switches
2) "Disconnected" Fuel Evaporative Controls[/b]
i think those 2 are what i'm confused with? when you said you "did a closed loop on one of your sensors" what exactly does that mean? if you connect the Injen the way it was deslgned to be connected, it has a CARB approval and you should need to do any trickery. did you scan the car to see if there were any pending codes that weren't throwing the light? just trying to figure some things out.
they won't even look at it in Cali if it has a CEL. if it doesn't have a CEL on, they do the test and scan the computer as it needs a certain # of miles after the reset or they will fail it as well.
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