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Hi i am looking at buying a 2010 Mazda 6 classic hatchback auto with 126000ks from my local Mazda dealership.
It drove beautifully and surprisingly very zippy 😊
I noticed 2 issues
the bushes need replacing (they are currently fixing this issue)
And I noticed a dead spot in acceleration after coming to a full stop and only did it when taking off.
I ve never experienced this kind of delay when accelerating so it had me concerned and I took it back without testing it further.
I asked them to look into it but was told its normal for the newer cars to have dead spots but they will check it out.
I done some google searches and found a lot of possible reasons it may have this delay in acceleration.
My concern is they may just pass it off as NORMAL which they maybe correct or I could be buying a big problem straight out the gate.
Is there some trouble shooting i can do when I go back to test it again to rule out any worrying problems?
Any help would be greatly appreciated 😊
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