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Hey everyone, I just thought I would share my experience finding dealers that had a 6s with the specs I desired. I read a nice little article on outlining how we as a consumer always have the upper hand when it comes to buying a car and that we should make the dealers work for our business... even get into bidding wars with eachother.

So I went to and got the price for a base 6s. The base 6s was invoiced at 19,459 and MSRP was 21,100 base. I then selected what packages I wanted:
1SE, AT2, LS1, MR1 and recalculated... invoice was now 22,778 and MSRP was 25,040. I then did a lot of research to find out what the local Mazda dealers make off of each sale. come to find out, they make 2% of the base MSRP regardless of what they sell the car for. Good information to know when the twerpy salesman comes out and says "these things are flying off the lot at MSRP". HA! Watch me fly off the lot if you say that again!

2% of the base MSRP is $422.00... this is known as the holdback. A holdback is defined as a predefined percentage a dealership and manufacturer agree upon before the cars hit the dealer floor. To read more on ths go to:

Anyways... take the invoice price with the options you desire and add the destination charge to it $520.00. Subtract the holdback and any incentives (for me that was $500 for college graduate). I get a total of 21,856 for the car specd out how I like.... If I could only buy it at that!

Well the dealer has to make a profit too, but this is a good reference number to start with. Dealers can always afford to go below invoice period. Car salesman make a living selling to those not knowing. So if you are in the market, I hope my little blirb helped.

The final step which I am in now is to locate all the dealers in your area and fax them or email them and tell them you are looking to buy a new car within a week, and you want their best price for the car.. then list the specs. I have received 18 faxes so far! They range from 4% to 20% over the 21,856 price. Follow up with the lowest bids.... get it in writing.. go sign and drive away.

A few things to note... do all your test drives before doing any of this, and dont talk to the dealers when you are done, just say you will be in touch.

I liked this approach because I cant stand car salesman, I got to learn alot about the car and the car buying process and I let the dealers haggle between themselves, instead of me haggling! As long as they make a decent profit for doing no work, who cares. I got my 6 cheap and Im happy.

There is a little more to all this but check out the link at under the car buying section.

Sorry for the long post, I just spent all weekend doing this and it turned out to be quite interesting.

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