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Hey guys, I get a burning rubber/plastic smell in my car after driving for ~30mins. It only smells when idling for 1-2mins after driving, and only if the air vents are blowing in from the outside. If I put the vents on re-circulation, there's no smell. Once the smelling starts, it usually just lasts for a few minutes.

If I step out of the car once the smelling starts, I figured that it's coming from the area between the hood and the insulation pad. I've been to a mechanic and confirmed that there's no any type of leaking anywhere. The insulation pad is kinda loose, is it supposed to be tightly sealed to the hood? Is that the reason for the smell? Got a few photos, hope they help.

Anyone had a similar issue? Will replacing/removing the pad help, or sealing it with something like aluminium tape perhaps?

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