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Hi all,
I’ve purchased a Bluetooth/usb/aux interface box thing for my 2003 6, I took the whole radio apart to solder the L716 but it already had a jumper on it.

Prior to taking it apart (and forgetting where a few screws went...), I had tested the box to see if it would function as is. It received power and I was able to Bluetooth my phone to it and play music (as far as my phone was concerned), however whenever I pressed the cd button it would just say no disc, and therefore I heard no audio.

I’m wondering if anyone’s had any experience with a factory-jumped L716 but still “no disc” appearing. I’ve read so many different things and it all seems to come back to the L716, which is not helpful in my case. I’m not sure if there’s a combo I’m missing to access the cd changer port or whatever?
Thanks and merry Christmas!
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