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My fronts were warped and im doing an auto-x next weekend and thought id see how bad they really were and im gonna have to have a talk with the dealer i got the car from. The car sat on the lot for almost 60 days before i got it, havent even put 16k miles on it and the tires and brakes are shot. The rears have only about 60% wear path on the rotor, the rest of the surface is pure rust cause the pad isnt contacting it. In contrast, i put nearly 55k on my 6 on its brakes that i presume were new when i got it from a used lot in 2010. I wore the pads down to the wear indicators. The 3's pads had at least 50% life left.

Fronts were glazed, almost polished to a mirror finish


New shiny with the slimmer 20mm spacers instead of 25mm. Had to go with stock replacements, had life get in the way this week so the OT i was gonna work last week and this to pay for some nice 6pot calipers went out the window...

Old fluid looks like it has a UTI lol. I normally dont flush the fluid, but figured id finding things that werent up to factory snuff that id be safer than sorry.
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