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brake upgrade

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I have 60k on the car and was thinking of upgrading the brakes. I have looked at Corksport and Power Stop K8067 Z23 kit. Any preferences or experiences with either?
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I'm currently using the Power Stop geomet front and rear rotors, along with the Z17 brake pads for daily driving. They work decently for the money but my rears are getting odd wear. I started getting wobble last year when braking at highway speeds. Took it to the shop yesterday and they say my rear outer brake pads are wearing out faster than the inner. Brakes/rotors currently have about 30K miles on them. Are they holding out good for you so far? I'm debating on purchasing them again or trying something else that's good for the money. Regardless, this brake system for my 2017 Mazda6 Touring does not seem adequate and should of been slightly bigger from the factory.
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