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brake upgrade

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I have 60k on the car and was thinking of upgrading the brakes. I have looked at Corksport and Power Stop K8067 Z23 kit. Any preferences or experiences with either?
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Get the Z23 pads from CarID (both sets for less than fronts from AutoZone) and Centric rotors from TireRack. I went with Centric cause they anodized the non braking surface areas and says they test them to over 400 hours of salt water exposure. PowerStop only coats them with a invisible coating that no one can really prove works or not. The process Centric goes through gets all the way inside all the crevices. I highly suggest moving to DOT 4 fluid too cause youll find yourself braking later cause, well, now you can :) That puts more heat into the brakes and eventually can boil the DOT3 easier.
I agree, the Z23 are great pads, good bite, never felt them fade (I'm still on stock rotors for now, 42k mi, but may get something slotted for the look of it)
Also, @TalonTsi90 is right, fluid is key, but go for DOT 5.1, I use this and it has been solid and not too expensive :

Note: DOT 3, 4, 5.1 are all cross-compatible, do not use DOT 5 it is different
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