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Brake Failure

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On this past July 24th, at the top of a very steep hill near my home, I applied the brakes. There was absolutely nothing there. The car, a 2014 Mazda6, picked up speed to about 45 miles per hour, I am guessing. There was a T-intersection at the bottom of the hill with a building directly ahead. I tried to turn the car to the right thinking I could run out the speed on the crossroad. I could not get the steering wheel over far enough and I crashed into the corner of another building. Miraculously, I walked away from the accident. I had my seatbelt fastened and the air bag went off. The cabin was intact but the front end was completely smashed into the firewall. Mazda North America told me to take to a Mazda dealer since I wanted to know the reason for the failure. The mechanic there that the car was too smashed to determine a reason. He refused to look under the car which was clearly possible nor did he have any interest in checking the car’s computer. A rep from Mazda North America told me to have it towed to a collision shop. The owner got under the car to check. The brake pads had little wear he found. It only had about 56,000 miles on it. He could not find anything from what was still on the computer. My son and I called the Mazda rep with whom I had had a conversation but there was no return phone call for about a month. Unfortunately, I had dropped collision on the car. Dumb. I want Mazda to give me a new car. Anyone had a similar experience relative to the complete brake failure?
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