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BOV QUESTION - need help right away

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I am getting ready to install my new BOV. My friend said that it could cause issues if i put it as VTA as opposed to recirculation .

has anyone that has put an aftermarket BOV on had any "tuning" issues or "special tuning" needed to funtion properly and safely ?

i do not want to cause harm to the engine, obviously. please let me know if you've heard of any issues that could arise from just switching out the BOV without doing any computer "tuning"

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Don't VTA with this car. It's a boost leak that would cause your engine to run rich when venting, due to metered air being discarded. To run this properly, I believe you would need to somehow compensate (reduce/cut) fueling at the right times.
I've heard about "blow through" MAF setups. Here's a good thread:

But my comment was directed at running VTA on a stock setup. I wouldn't do it simply because the BOV is after the MAF and you would be creating a leak. I'm sure there were lots of discussions about BOV VTA - people just need to search :).
The COBB BOV looks interesting. Has anyone tried it in full recirc mode? They offer the same product in other platforms like the GTR.
... Why don't you buy one and let us know!?
I'd really like to... :) But I won't try new parts that I don't need until I get some essential mods done first. I haven't even upgraded my fuel pump yet, which I need to do real soon!
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