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Originally posted by Killerfred

            I was actually quite pleased with the service department at my dealership.  They took care of the CEL by adding a clamp on the end of the hose so that it won't come off.  Hopefully that won't break the plastic piece it's attaching to, but if it does it's all under warranty, right?!!?

I also complained about a vibration / rattle in my doors I heard when driving home.  They couldn't reproduce it so they came out with me and spent about 5 minutes trying to reproduce it.  It was pretty nice of them to do.  Hopefully it was just part of the break in!  ;)[/b]
I had a vibration as well when I first picked up the car back in Jan. Ended up being a lose screw in the drivers door control panel. The part where you grab the door to close it, there is a rubber strip at the bottom of that pocket. Under that is the screw that was not tighened all the way. Tight screw = no vibration.....:D Have them give a look there and the passenger side as well. Good luck :)
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