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hi everybody, how are u doin?

Well, i know that everybody, including me, wants to 'black out' the headlights of the car, but unless your in Japan, this is hardly possible, yes i know, there are exceptions.

I've been to the japanese website, and if you order the black headlights from there, you'll end up 140,000yen less, (or $2000AUD, or aroundabouts $1000USD). I dont believe that is exactly value-for-money.

I think i have come up with a possible solution to solve this headlight issue. Can the technically-superior people out there, please verifty if my method is appropiate? My proposal is: To get the 'black' effect, cant we just simply remove the reflective part of the headlight. I dont think the reflective sheeting is of much use anyway. I've been observing other cars, such as my '95 BMW318, and 2003 Camry Sports, and they dont have the reflective part in the headlight. So can somebody please verifty that method? I would also like to know if anybody has taken that approach.

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