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Birmingham, Alabama anyone??

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I currently reside in the Birmingham area and was wondering where are all the Mazda 6 enthusiasts?? I have seen a few really sweet 6's out and about.


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I travel to B-ham about monthly and seem to run into at least 2 Speed6s on each trip. I travel up to dive at Pelham. I've seen one around the 119/I-65 area, and run into a couple in that Galleria mall area.
I come down that way from time to time. Usually to race at Barber Motorsports Park. I always seem to run into MS3's when I'm down there.
Anyone ever planning on driving down let me know and I will show you guys some sweet roads
I am Birmingham area. We have already met jonathan.

On another note,


I was out at Barbers Motorsports park not long ago with a friend, there were people out on the track with porches, etc.. It really looked like fun.
I was wondering what does it take to get started out there? Who do I need to contact? , etc.
you can email me direct at [email protected]

Well (if I get it repaired) you ever seen a white 03" mazda 6 with black tint and rims and mazdaspeed exhaust go whizzing by you, thats me
Ahhhh.....Barber Motorsports Park.

Awesome museum

Fantastic landscaping

Fun track

Absolutely deadly to left-side tires....especially front left ;)
Just bought my Mazda6s this past Sunday. A used 04 model. I'm going to slowly be modifying the car as I am able. I just finished removing the resonator and gutted the airbox. I'm still going to do the TB bypass & EGR mod but haven't gotten that far yet. I would like to replace the airbox with a CAI as one of my first projects. I'm in Gardendale, just north of Birmingham.
Lol I live in birmingham al, on like to hook up and hang out, that would be cool!!! Oh and by the way im the speed 6 in pelham lol!!! I work out there..shoot me a pm if you want to meet and talk cars or need help.
I currently reside in the Decatur, AL and I am Mazda 6 enthusiast
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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