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Bilstein dampers now available for 3rd gen

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Looks like Bilstein has released their B4, B6 and B8 dampers for our cars.

Good timing as I've been thinking of replacing the struts/shocks in my car.
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Hey all. New here but have been reading this forum for a while.

Long story short, I bought B8 fronts and ordered B8 rears from Europe (after confirming on Bilstein’s US and European websites that the B4 model numbers were the same) to go along with my RSR springs. I had planned to install them on my 15 Touring model but never got around to it.

I traded that in on a 18 Gt-Reserve last week and was curious if anyone knows if the suspension has changed at all. They show different model numbers for the Oem front shocks. I’m assuming it’s probably a difference in damping due to the weight of turbo models.

I’d just hate to have a brand new set of Bilsteins and RSR springs that I can’t even use, and no one has any suspension goodies out for the new M6’s except for Corksport.
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