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Bilstein dampers now available for 3rd gen

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Looks like Bilstein has released their B4, B6 and B8 dampers for our cars.

Good timing as I've been thinking of replacing the struts/shocks in my car.
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What would be more comfortable B4 vs B6 vs Koni Sport. Talking purely about comfort and thus a softer ride.
Searching on this forum and others I found Koni FSD with stock springs is the best combo for comfort. However I checked and Koni doesnt make FSD for this car anymoren only Koni sports. They are adjustable but not sure how they would compare to FSD at the softest setting
The B4 shock is optimized to be a slightly better than stock replacement. Theoretically it should be a more compliant ride and less harsh, but I've never ridden on B4s before. I did put a set of B6s with stock springs on my wife's Integra and it made just about perfect. Not harsh or overly stiff, but very responsive. Bilstein shocks will last way longer than OEM as well.

Don't worry about dropping your car, changing springs, different sway bars, etc. unless you really want to start changing things up (and this was your goal anyway). I'd stick with just the B4 shocks with your old springs and call it a day if you want that new ride feel but not too stiff.

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Thanks. I see that you live in Toronto too, where would u recommend buying these? Rockauto has them listed as "Out of Stock"
You live in Toronto so I'm sure you know about how shit our roads are here... Bilstein would be more reliable.

If you drive on all the rough roads, I'd go for B4 It's not much firmer than stock. Your two options is B4 with aftermarket springs, or B6 with stock springs. It's mainly down to the spring. Find something that doesn't have an aggressive drop. Stock springs could be a good option if you want the same ride height.

I would also suggest modifying your bump-stops so that the strut has more space to compress and consider installing sway bars. They tighten up the suspension and reduce body roll without affecting comfort. I think the money you save on aftermarket springs should go to sway bars.
Thanks. I see that you live in Toronto too, where would u recommend buying these? Rockauto has them listed as "Out of Stock"
Yeah I dont get why Bilstien pulled it. I found them in stock at a place in Austin, TX and got 2 B4's for the front. I got them installed last month and cant really say much. They feel almost the same as stock to me except in some cases like braking hard (way less nose dive)

I got them because my drivers side strut was leaking after only 70k KMs. I would not recommend spending $650 on shocks though. Not worth it for M6. Just get stock then. I would assume they have improved the design and it doesnt fail that often now
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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