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Bilstein dampers now available for 3rd gen

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Looks like Bilstein has released their B4, B6 and B8 dampers for our cars.

Good timing as I've been thinking of replacing the struts/shocks in my car.
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This is great news. I had a set of Bilstein B6 HD shocks on an Integra that were still going strong after 200k+ miles on stock springs.

Based on the description the B6 shocks are probably what I'll go with. At 113000 miles, the original suspension on my 6 is getting a little soft. Time for a replacement.

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Nice find! $133-$140 not bad
Best price I've found so far is Summit Racing at $134.99 each for the B6. Where else do you guys source your shocks from?

Stiff ride.
I would say that is subjective. Stiff ride compared to what and what car was it on?
So I have been shopping to get a set of the B6 performance Bilstein shocks and noticed only the front left and right shocks are offered. There is no option for the rears in the B6 variant, only the B4. I emailed Bilstein sales support and they said there is simply no ETA for the rear shocks and to check their website for updates.

Seriously? Why offer just half of what a customer will need and not even be able to tell anyone when to expect the other half? Seems like a blunder to half-ass release a product to market like this.
I just talked to the guy in tech support at Bilstein. He said that the B4 rear shocks because of their monotube design will work with either front shocks B4, B6, and B8. So there is no need to make B6 or B8 rear shocks.

No kidding, they sure forgot to mention that when I inquired about when the rear B6 shocks would be available. They simply said it's not and they didn't know when to expect them. Didn't say anything about the B4 being their recommended rear shock regardless of what you use up front.

Anyway, I like the idea of adding a rear sway while I've got things apart, B6 fronts and B4 rear.
Probably sticking with OEM springs. I prefer to keep as close to OE ride height as possible.
What would be more comfortable B4 vs B6 vs Koni Sport. Talking purely about comfort and thus a softer ride.
Searching on this forum and others I found Koni FSD with stock springs is the best combo for comfort. However I checked and Koni doesnt make FSD for this car anymoren only Koni sports. They are adjustable but not sure how they would compare to FSD at the softest setting
The B4 shock is optimized to be a slightly better than stock replacement. Theoretically it should be a more compliant ride and less harsh, but I've never ridden on B4s before. I did put a set of B6s with stock springs on my wife's Integra and it made just about perfect. Not harsh or overly stiff, but very responsive. Bilstein shocks will last way longer than OEM as well.

Don't worry about dropping your car, changing springs, different sway bars, etc. unless you really want to start changing things up (and this was your goal anyway). I'd stick with just the B4 shocks with your old springs and call it a day if you want that new ride feel but not too stiff.

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How much firmer were they VS. Stock integra struts?
I replaced the original struts at 172,000 miles with the B6. Granted, the old ones were well worn out and putting anything new on would make a huge difference. However, the B6 shocks were not harsh at all on the oe springs. Definitely more firm, but not excessively. The car felt like new again even with everything else still original. My wife doesn't care for a super sporty ride and she was plenty happy with the result. We sold the Integra last year with just over 398,000 miles and those Bilstein shocks. The suspension still felt acceptable even with that many miles on it.
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Thanks. I see that you live in Toronto too, where would u recommend buying these? Rockauto has them listed as "Out of Stock"
I think you meant to quote Get Inline as his signature says Toronto.

Best price I've seen so far was mentioned earlier in this thread -
So I really want to replace the original shocks on my car. Bilstein has apparently pulled their offerings as they put it out to market prematurely it would appear. Koni no longer sells the FSD kit and I can't get either to tell me if/when they plan to release anything new. Those were the two options I was considering. I don't mind slightly firmer than OEM, but I do want compliant and something that will last longer.

Without going to a full coilover kit, are the only options KYB GR-2, Monroe OESpectrum, Koni Sport, Corksport or OEM?

Of those remaining options I wouldn't mind going to Koni sport, but that seems like overkill for my sort of commuting. I also don't want to spend $650 for features I don't really need.
Well I couldn't wait on Bilstein to figure out when they were "really" going to release their shocks so I went ahead and bought the Koni Yellows on eBay. I took advantage of a 15% sitewide discount so the total ending up being around $550.

I'm also trying to close on a house so it'll be a little while before these get installed - can't wait!
Has anyone measured a ride height increase with Konis or Bilsteins on OEM springs?
I finally had my Koni Sports installed over the weekend. I didn't bother measuring before and after, but I'd say it sits a hair taller than my 129k old oem suspension. Not terribly different and feels immensely better. I do have the fronts currently set to full hard and rears somewhere in the middle. I also reused the old springs.

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Are the Koni smother or stiffer than the B6?

On a Mazda 6? No clue.

The Koni Sports I have now aren't bad at all for a daily driver. The rears are set to the middle and the fronts are one full turn in from full hard. I find the ride stiffer than before, but still compliant and comfortable. This is after having them installed for 2 months and 2,000 miles.
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