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Bilstein dampers now available for 3rd gen

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Looks like Bilstein has released their B4, B6 and B8 dampers for our cars.

Good timing as I've been thinking of replacing the struts/shocks in my car.
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just a heads up guys, i ordered a set of bilstein b4 and had an issue with the rears. It looks like the 6 has a different rear knuckle design for the lower shock mount point. The design is different for cars with a build date of 5/2013 or older and 5/2013 and newer. It looks like Bilstein overlooked this and created the shocks for the 5/2013 and newer only.

I've added some pics for reference. You can also see this referenced in the BC Coilover install thread on this forum.

I spoke with Bilstein and initially they said that it should work with both designs, however when I sent them pics they forwarded them to their product management team and they then responded that I would actually need part number 19-266817. This model number won't be available in the US for another 3-4 months.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up in case anyone is about to order! Cars with a build date of 5/2013 and newer should be good, it's just the ones prior to 5/2013 (like mine) that won't work!


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