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I figured that since there are a growing list of websites that are popping up around the Internet, especially those devoted to our loveable '6 I would create a list of where to get most Mazda 6 accessories, parts, and everything else.

Without further ado.. here we go.
Parts, Accessories, Body Kits, Exterior
Mazda genuine accessories plus Air Filter, Oil Filter (i and s models); Brake pads.
Mazda genuine accessories.
AUTOEXE Accessories (Struts / Springs / Engine / Intake / Spoilers / Kits/ Grills )
H&R lowering springs
MAZDASPEED accessories (Struts / Springs / Engine / Intake / Muffler / Spoiler / Kits)
J-Spec taillights
Atenza badges
Mazdaspeed accessories (Seats / Kits / Struts / Springs / Shocks / Sport Muffler )
Aero Kits, Grills, Exhaust, Wheels
Aero Kits and Wheels (German Site) -- Has NOT been returning phone calls or emails. Please be careful when purchasing anything from this company.
KenStyle, Autoexe, Mazdaspeed, and ATH Aero Kits.
AutoExe accessories (Kits / Dampers / Stabilizers / Filters (replacement and sports type) / Intake)
Other Accessroies (JDM, STI, TRD, ARC, TEIN, etc..)
Mazda geuine accessories (certified Parts and Service Center)
Carries everything available through your mazda dealer but at exceptionally lower prices.
Clear Taillights can be found here as well.


Others Points of interest:
Currently, we have found no dealer (in the USA atleast) that is offering the blacked out tail lights...Hopefully this will change in the coming future. On another note, the clear tail lights will be offered by US dealers in the coming weeks and months.

DeBadging tips (from WhoDiddy):
Those of you interested in Debadging your '6, please follow these simple steps posted by WhoDiddy on how to do it...

1. Open trunk and put a cloth or towel under the trunk area, then close. to prevent dripping.

2. Spray the badge well on top and within the letters.

3. Let it soak for a few mins.

4. Cut about 3-4 ft of fishing line, then double it up by tying a knot.

5. Roll up the fishing line so that u have a good grip on the fishing line and start from either the M or the A then do the 6 and go inward slowly moving the line up and down. it will make sum noises, but it's normal.

6. After cutting thru the glue/adhesive the badge will pop off.

7. Spray more GooGone Spray Gell on the area where the adhesive still lays. let soak for a few mins.

8. With your fingernail, gently scrape the rest of the adhesive off.

9. Complete!


MZ6ZoomZoom's instructions for making all 4 of your tail lights into brake lights:
Tail / Brake Light Mod:


If you would like to add something.. websites, tips, etc.. Please feel free to PM me and I will add it in here as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and happy posting!
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